EUROCHAMP-2020 (Integration of European Simulation Chambers for Investigating Atmospheric Processes –towards 2020 and beyond) is a H2020 funded-project, with the objective of further integrating the most advanced European atmospheric simulation chambers into a world-class infrastructure for research and innovation.

EUROCHAMP-2020 engages in a strategy for enhancing virtual access to simulation chamber data through the creation of our Data Centre.

The EUROCHAMP Data Centre offers access to:

  • the Database of Atmospheric Simulation Chamber Studies (DASCS), which contains detailed parameterizations of a large range of experiments performed in the chambers;
  • the Library of Analytical Resources (LAR), which stores useful instrumental data such as reference mass spectra;
  • the Library of Advanced Data Products (LADP), a collection of useful tools derived from chamber data that can be used in modelling and remote sensing applications etc.

The backbone of the EUROCHAMP-2020 Data Centre is composed by a pan-European consortium of 14 partners, forming a highly-advanced grid of environmental chambers designed for the scientific investigation of atmospheric transformation processes.